Underwood Road, Homebush.


The area is currently being redeveloped. 

The final design includes

  • 140 space car park (for the public using Bressington Park and to be used as an overflow car park for the adjacent Mason Park)
  • 3 playing fields (two currently located on the bottom field and one new playing field to be constructed on the top mound)
  • A new amenities block with home and visitors change rooms which include a kiosk and public toilets


The Carpark - $270 000 (fully funded from section 94 contributions)

Amenities Building - $700,000 (fully funded from section 94 contributions)

New playing field located on the top mound - $350,000 (fully funded from section 94 contributions)


The carpark and amenities - January - May 2018.

New playing field - completion scheduled for December 2017.

About Bressington Park

Bressington Park is a significant park and known as the ‘Gateway Park’.  Bressington Park provides opportunities for active and passive recreation and links to other significant parks such as Airey Park through the Bay to Bay Cyclepath and Walkway.   

Bressington Park is bounded by Powell’s Creek at the east and Saleyards Creek (Canal) at south.  Mason Park Wetlands are located near the rear of the park.  Bressington Park is bounded by Homebush Bay Drive at north and Bicentennial Park, State Sports Centre and Sydney Olympic Park also lie to the north.  Bressington Park is known as the ‘Gateway Park’ as it also lies on the boundary of Strathfield Council with Canada Bay Council (east) and Cumberland Council (north).

Bressington Park covers a total of 7.9 hectares.


Bressington Park was originally a tidal swamp populated by mangroves and was used for many years as a Council tip.  The park is named after George Bressington, former Alderman and Mayor of Homebush Council. (Reference: Cathy Jones, Parks Reserves & Memorials, 2004).

Transport and Accessibility

Bay to Bay Cyclepath/Walking

Bus and Train – Transport NSW provides information on public transport including timetables and routes. 

Parking is available in the Bressington Park public carpark.  Use of the carpark is limited to park users only and is frequently patrolled by Council rangers.