Austin Park Playground Upgrade

The Strathfield 2025 Community Strategic Plan outlines a commitment of ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’ which will have high quality sustainable innovative playground development.

As part of this undertaking we routinely review playgrounds to identify current and future demand for upgrade or new playgrounds for the local community. This review the playground at Austin Park Homebush West were identified as needing an upgrade.

Current activities and objectives for playgrounds include:

•   To make Councils playgrounds more exciting and innovative

•   To cater for a wider age group

•   To implement inclusive/all ability playgrounds

•   To provide activities for teenagers and youth

•   Provide a wider range of activities and experiences

•   To continue to improve safety and lower risk

Strathfield's playgrounds provide both physical and intellectual activities encouraging children to learn and grow, developing their minds and bodies in a safe and fun environment.

The playground will see an upgrade to the area with fencing, shade structure and soft rubber replacing the bark flooring.

A copy of the design plan is located here. Planning is underway for construction of the playground, and is expected to commence by end of April 2017 (weather pending).