Strathfield Council has dedicated areas suitable for casual hire for social/recreational activities such as social gatherings, BBQs and picnics.  The areas which are available for casual hire include:

Social gatherings

Council advises that groups should book social/recreational areas if they wish to secure the use of the park or facility on a particular date or time.  Council can not guarantee that the social/recreational area or park will be available unless a booking has been made.  Please contact Council on 97489999 (business hours and after hours) should a conflict in use of facility arise.

While you are not required to contact Council or seek permission for using parks for informal recreation involving less than 50 people, if you are planning an event of less than 50 people and want to ensure the facility is available to your group, Council’s advises you to make a booking.


These events require Council approval:

  • meetings/gatherings or religious services involving 50 or more people
  • wedding ceremonies and parties
  • corporate promotions, product sales and charity collections. 

Events of a social or recreational nature may also involve use of a building or erection of temporary structures for public entertainment such as marques and banners, operating amusement devices including merry-go-rounds and jumping castles, placing of waste containers or portable toilets and use of equipment producing heat, sound or light eg public address systems, speakers or lighting at night functions. 


Hire costs are set out in Council’s Annual Fees and Charges schedule. Typical costs of hire of sportsgrounds include:

  • Recreation Fee (this is based on the number of participants)
  • Bonds – manage your own waste (refundable)
  • Toilet – Bond for key (refundable)
  • Additional costs may be incurred for use of lights, marquees or amusement devices.