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October 9 – Residents’ opposition to amalgamation now undeniable: Strathfield Mayor Daniel Bott

Polling released by the Independent Local Government Review Panel have confirmed beyond doubt that residents are opposed to council amalgamations, Strathfield Mayor Daniel Bott said today.

The ILGRP’s survey independent survey found that less than one third of Sydney’s residents are in favour of their council merging with neighbouring councils.

Cr Bott said the Sydney-wide survey was consistent with the Save Our Strathfield group’s independent survey, conducted in June this year.

“Save Our Strathfield’s independently conducted poll of 800 Strathfield residents found 70 per cent were opposed to ILGRP’s proposal to merge Strathfield with Burwood, Ashfield and Canada Bay,” Cr Bott said.

“Now we find the ILGRP’s own polling showing that fewer than a third of Sydney residents want their council to be merged.

“People aren’t silly and they understand that taking the ‘local’ out of local government will not serve their interests.

“In Strathfield that feeling is even stronger, because the people here have so much pride in the identity of their community.

“The case against amalgamation is now overwhelming. So I’m urging the Local Government Minister, Don Page, to finally rule it out once and for all.

“It is the message the overwhelming majority of Strathfield residents are eager to hear.”