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Community events have a unique ability to bring local communities together, giving people a sense of ownership and pride in their local areas and an opportunity to celebrate and embrace local diversity. Strathfield Council’s annual events program features a range of events inclusive of a wide variety of demographic, cultural and interest groups, attracting people to Strathfield.

Strathfield's flagship and most popular event, the Strathfield Spring Festival is held on the Father's Day weekend in September, and is a dazzling festival of fun, colour and life featuring headline artists and over 30,000 attendees. The second half of the year sees family favourites with the start of the Movies in the Park Season as well as Christmas Carols.

The calendar year begins with a celebration of International Women's Day, Homebush goes on parade with the Homebush Village Fair and Strathfield's premier sporting and fitness event, the Cooks River Fun Run is held in June.  Many more community events including Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day are held throughout the year.

For detailed information on all upcoming events, visit the Strathfield Events  website.

Strathfield Spring Festival 2017


Investing in your local community.

Strathfield Events are long-running annual events, with a proven history of community engagement. When you invest in a Strathfield event, you are investing in the local community and aligning yourself with a well-known and respected brand.

If you are interested in investing in your local community as well as reaching your customers on a personal level, please contact us for a detailed sponsorship proposal or to arrange a meeting.

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Sponsorship is conducted in accordance with Council's Sponsorship Policy and Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy.