Citizen of the Year 2020 FB Cover

Do you know someone who goes the extra mile in Strathfield? 

Nominations are open until 5pm Friday 10 January 2020. 

Strathfield Council is seeking nominations for people you know in the community who, through their kindness and activities, make Strathfield a better place to be. There a variety of ways people can serve the community, some of which include:

  • Coaching local teams
  • Caring for older people
  • Looking after the environment
  • Charity works unselfishly raising the much needed funds to keep an organisation going
  • Volunteers who always say "I'll do it".

NOMINATE TODAY! Simply fill in the form below and submit to Council by Friday 10 January 2020.

For more information, please call Council's Customer Service on 9748 9999.


2019 Local Citizens of the Year

Citizen of the Year - Anthony D'Agruma

Strathfield Citizen of the Year is awarded this year to a resident who typifies the "Australian" way.

Anthony D'Agruma works for his organisation, Strathfield Football Club, tirelessly. He makes himself available for every aspect of the club's activities and is described as being the one who puts the nets up early in the morning and still being on hand to take them down at the end of a day's play. He quietly goes about any task that is needed in order to make the club run and this benefits over 400 local players each week. It allows local youth access to healthy, active lifestyles and the social benefits that come from participating in team sports.

One of the most significant contributions that Anthony has made has been the introduction  of girls teams into the club and this has not only strengthened the club, but made it truly more representative of today's society in Strathfield.

Young Citizen of the Year - Sunil Jassal

SunilJassal is an outstanding young citizen in our midst who is being recognised not only for his efforts for charity and leadership in the broader community, but also for his care and support of members of the local community.

Sunil has raised significant funds for Cancer Council NSW, Animals Australia, the Malala Foundation and Father Chris Riley's Youth Off the Street. He finds time to volunteer for Legacy, Bushcare and the Epping Model Railway Club. He is an active leader in his school community and is distinguished by his concern for causes he supports into the future, mentoring others to take up leadership roles as he moves forward.

Closer to home, he shows concern for those in his neighbourhood, on one occasion raising the alarm on behalf of an elderly neighbour in trouble. Sunil typifies the best of Strathfield youth.


Environmental Citizen of the Year - Keith Hughes

Keith Hughes is very much a hands-on example of the behind the scenes work that happens around the Strathfield LGA all the time. For over 10 years, Keith has been a core member of the Maria Reserve Bushcare group, works more broadly in other Bushcare groups and contributes greatly to National Tree Day events.

'Men in the Trees' is another of Keith's active volunteering roles, a group which has been responsible for many of the plantings along the Cooks River. He volunteers for other local events and activities such as the Strathfield Food and Jazz Festival and is very much involved in community life in the Strathfield LGA.

A keen volunteer, Keith takes his gardening tools in his free time to locations where exotic weed species threaten native plantings and quietly removes them. His passion for our local environment is outstanding.


Local Citizen of the Year Awards

Each year, Strathfield Council announce a Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year for local citizens/groups who have made outstanding contributions to the community.

All nominees must be Australian citizens and residents of the Strathfield Council area at the time of nomination.

Nominees are judged on a number of criteria, including whether contribution was outstanding, voluntary, beneficial to the community and environment and/or of significant personal effort. A number of other criteria will also apply.

Young Citizen of the Year is open to nominees aged 16 to 25 on January 26 of the year they are being nominated for. All other nominees, including those nominated for Young Citizen will then be considered for the Citizen of the Year Award.

The awards are presented each year at Council's Australia Day celebrations.

Honour Roll

Year Local Citizen of the Year Local Young Citizen of the Year Local Environmental Citizen of the Year
Anthony D'Agruma
Sunil Jassal
Keith Hughes (inaugural)
Helen Boyce
Leon Rettie
Karen Pensabene & Nella Hall
Yunus Isik
Ivana Morris
Jafer Naim
Jane Pistolese
Sahil Bhandula
Dr. David Tang
May Wong
Shirley Gillett
Jaycee Bechara
Mohit Tolani
Matthew Nicholl
Niall King OAM
Prashanth Sellathurai
Ray Wilson
Tyson Parcell