The unprecedented bushfires need an unprecedented response. 

Strathfield Council has joined forces with the Office of Local Government (OLG) and other metro councils in bushfire recovery efforts. You may read the Mayor’s address here. 

In the wake of the ongoing bushfire crisis, a “councils helping councils” resource sharing initiative called the Local Government Bushfire Recovery Support Group has been established. Several meetings have already taken place with metro councils across Sydney offering support.

Strathfield Council will provide in kind resources to the value of $200,000 over the course of 6 weeks to assist the Local Government Bushfire Recovery Support Group. In addition to heavy plant equipment, the offered recovery services are in the form of waste collection, work health and safety, recovery coordination and damage assessment. 

Skilled staff in Council’s parks, engineering, land survey, works inspection and environmental health teams have answered the call and are ready to provide on the ground assistance anywhere in the state of NSW where their knowledge and expertise is required. 

The recent bush fires have devastated these communities. Council is determined to provide every assistance possible to enable a swift recovery.

Important Updates
  • 5 January 2020 – Office of Local Government announced the formation of the LG Bushfire Recovery Coordination Group led by the Resilient Sydney Group in the City of Sydney 
  • 5 January 2020 – Council contacted City of Sydney
  • 7 January 2020  Council offered in kind resources to the value of $200,000.
  • 13 January 2020  Council attended a meeting called by Inner West Council and received a briefing from each government agency that was in attendance.
  • 15 January 2020  Council staff who have answered the call are mission ready to provide on the ground assistance.
  • 29 January 2020  The OLG has taken up Council’s offer to provide accredited expertise to assist bushfire affected councils with their recovery efforts. Strathfield Council will be assisting a regional council with their request for structural engineering advice to assess, report on and make recommendations on the reconstruction/repair of several bridges damaged or destroyed by bushfires.

    In the meantime, Council continues to assist the ADFs Rotary Wing with their aerial transportation of assets and personnel to and from areas of operation. This support is ongoing and will remain in place for as long as it is required. Council will continue to play its part in the LG Bushfire Recovery Support Group, set up by Resilient Sydney to assist councils ravaged by bushfires. This group, in turn, works through and is coordinated by the OLG, the Office of Emergency Management and premiers.