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Council’s planning policies (Part O – Tree Management Development Control Plan) prohibits:

  • Cutting down, removing, injuring or poisoning any part of a tree above or below ground, having a height greater than four (4.0) metres or a girth greater than half (0.5) metre measured at a point one (1.0) metres above ground level, except by written consent of the Council.
  • Undertaking works within 5 metres from the base of a tree
  • Failing to plant, protect or care for a tree which is required to be planted, protected or cared for as a condition of consent.

Council consent is not required for removal of the following trees – Ficus elastica (Rubber Tree), Privet (large and small leaf), Umbrella Trees, Rhus Trees and commercial fruit tree varieties. Additionally the pruning of deadwood in any trees  does not require Council consent.  Please visit the Trees section of this website for further information.

Dead or dying trees will need to be assessed by Council staff for retention value as suitable habitat trees. Many trees are also deciduous (periodically lose their foliage) and as such an inspection is required to ascertain if the trees are in a dormant state or are in fact dead.

Property owners or their agent can make application to Council for removal of a tree by completing an online application via the NSW Government Planning Portal. Council’s Duty Planners are available on 02 9748 9999 or council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au to provide advice and assistance.

Property owners or their agent can make application to Council for pruning of a tree by completing a Tree Pruning Permit Application form.

In the case of multi-unit dwellings, consent of the strata management must be obtained prior to making an application to Council to remove the tree. Owners must notify their neighbours of any proposed tree removal or pruning prior to commencement of work.  If the tree is on your neighbour’s property you must address the matter initially with the property owner where the tree is located. As the owner of the subject property, your neighbour will be required to make the application for trimming or removal of the tree. Council cannot force a neighbour to prune or remove a tree as this is considered a civil matter and is better dealt with through consultation between neighbours. Neighbours in dispute are encouraged to contact the Community Justice Centre. Please visit the Trees section of this website for further information.