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The Strathfield Council street tree program commenced in the 1880s and is responsible for the distinctive streetscape appearance, which characterises the Strathfield Municipality.

Street trees beautify the landscape, enhance property values and contribute to a range of other environmental benefits for the community such as:

  • Reduction of air and storm water pollutants
  • Reduction and storage of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Reduction of stormwater water run off volumes
  • Reduction of temperature and associated cooling/heating costs for housing
  • Atmospheric cooling
  • Production of oxygen for atmosphere

These environmental benefits also provide cost savings for the community

About 50% of the total 12,000 street trees in Strathfield Municipality are brush box plantings. Other major street trees species include water gums (12%) paper bark (4%), Chinese tallow (4%), Eucalyptus (4%) etc. 90% of street trees are Australian native species.

Strathfield Council’s street tree program supports maintenance, protection and replacement of diseased or dying street trees.