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June 2 – Strathfield releases its vision for the future

2 June 2014

Strathfield’s town centre could be transformed into a genuine civic hub for the people of Sydney under ambitious plans developed by Strathfield Council, released today.

The proposal involves a completely revitalised Strathfield CBD next to Strathfield Station, with high-rise offices, shops and apartments. A large town square, complete with big screen, would provide a place for the community to gather.

A green roof space would provide another opportunity for people to gather, including before or after events at nearby Olympic Park.

Strathfield is seeking support from the NSW Government in order to transform the plans from concept to reality.

“Strathfield’s train station is the third most interconnected station in NSW, and it is far easier to develop a civic hub next to existing transport than vice versa,” Strathfield Mayor Daniel Bott said.

“I believe we now have the plan to fulfil Strathfield’s destiny as a true Sydney destination. I am hugely excited about that.

“This city needs big, bold thinking and it needs local councils to be on board with that. That’s exactly what we have done. We have done all the legwork, we have funds ready to contribute, but we need the NSW Government to meet us halfway.

“Many more people live close to Strathfield than live close to the CBD. It is the true geographic heart of Sydney’s population.

“Tens of thousands of people are coming into Strathfield already every day. We want them to get out of the station.

“Strathfield should already be a buzzing Sydney hub. The fact it is not is really an anomaly. I want to help rectify that.”