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Council Crest and Logo

Strathfield Council is symbolically and officially represented by the Strathfield Council Crest and Council’s Corporate Logo. The traditional Strathfield Council Crest is used on official, formal and legal documents. The Strathfield Council Corporate logo appears on stationary, website and signage.

Strathfield Council Crest

The Strathfield Council crest was adopted in 1954 and was designed by jewelers Angus & Coote, together with the Mayoral chain. The Council Crest is the ‘common seal’ of Strathfield Council and used on official and legal documents.

Prior to 1954, Strathfield Council did not have either a logo or Mayoral Chain. In the early 1950s, Council resolved to adopt an official Council crest and a Mayoral Chain, featuring the new Council crest. The Mayoral Chain is usually worn by the Mayor at official ceremonies of Strathfield Council.

The Mayoral Chain features the names of all Mayors since 1885, when Council was first established.

The design of the crest is a shield, which is quartered, each representing a characteristic of Strathfield Municipality; a tree signifying Strathfield’s street trees; a bird representing the birds which are attracted by the many trees in Strathfield; a cogged wheel indicating the manufacturing activities in the Municipality; and a house indicating that Strathfield is primarily residential. Beneath the shield is the word ‘Redmire’, the original name of the Strathfield in its original spelling (The spelling of Redmire was later changed to Redmyre). The foliage on either side of the shield is a reference to the gardens of the Municipality.

Strathfield Council Corporate Logo

The Strathfield Council Corporate Logo was adopted in September 2005. The logo appears on all corporate items including council stationery, website and signage.

The logo features a ‘ribbon’ which signifies the unity and celebration which cuts across all ages, languages and cultures. The logo with its forward moving motion represents future direction and a sense of dynamism. The design is a bold eye-catching corporate logo that reflects a stronger, more vibrant Council and community.

The Council Corporate logo was adopted after extensive consultation with community groups, residents, Councillors and Council staff.