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Grants Program and Town Centre Refurbishment

At the 2nd August Council meeting, Council endorsed $16,000 to the Community Events Grants Program and a further $10,000 to the Community Grants Program which will be awarded to various organisations delivering service to the Strathfield Community.

Council’s Community Events program provides support to local organisations that host events open to the entire community of Strathfield and these deliver a range of benefits, including economic and social opportunities for the Strathfield Community.

Recognising that the costs of organising such events has risen since Council established this program, the Council also voted to vary the budget available for Community Events from 2017 to a total of $30,000 with a cap on each grant of $6000.

This will reflect an increase of $2000 for each successful future grant.

Council has also approved funding and an estimated timeline for the refurbishment of Strathfield Square, the first stage of the Strathfield Town Centre public domain upgrade.

Preliminary investigations and designs will start mid-August 2016 and work is scheduled to commence mid-January 2017 so as not to impact the peak holiday season of 2016.