Commemoration of Strathfield Plaza Shooting

17 August 2022
17 August 2022
Strathfield Square - outside Gloria Jeans
Commemoration of Strathfield Plaza Shooting

Join Councillors and staff as we remember the tragic the events of 17 August 1991, The Strathfield Massacre. A wreath will be laid at the memorial tree outside Gloria Jeans at Strathfield Square at 10am.

The 31st commemoration will remember the great sacrifice and and loss of life on this day, when a gunman killed 7 members of our community, wounded 7 more, and left hundreds still traumatised.

Roberta Armstrong, age 15

Robertson Kan Hock Voon, age 51

Patricia Rowe, age 37

Carole Dickson, aged 47

Joyce Nixon, age 61

Rachelle Milburn, age 17

George Mavris, age 51