In an effort to maintain free unobstructed passage to all members of our community, residents are required to maintain vegetation on their property to ensure no footpath obstruction occurs below 2.5 metres above a public footpath or driveway.

Property owners are responsible for keeping the footpath clear of overhanging branches if the trunk of the tree or the offending bush is within their property. If you wish to report overhanging branches or overgrown property please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999.

Please note that Council consent is required for public footpath clearance pruning of branches of trees protected by Council’s Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

The Costs of any pruning of private vegetation from a public footpath carried out by Council may be charged back to the property owner on a full cost recovery basis.

Council trees will be maintained to provide a 2.5 metre airspace above footpaths but will not be pruned to property boundaries.