Council enforces the Protection of the Environment Operations Act and under this act can fine people who carelessly discard litter within the municipality. This is a state-wide legislation means that Council officers across NSW can issue individuals with fines.

Fines for littering include:

  • $60 for small items such as bottle tops and stubbed out cigarettes.
  • $200 for general littering – lit cigarette butts or any item thrown from a vehicle.
  • $375 for dangerous littering, such as smashing bottles or discarding a lit cigarette during a total fire ban.
  • $750 for dumping items such as bags of rubbish, household appliance or furniture.

Cigarette Butts

Council has installed public ashstrays around the municipality’s public areas to reduce the littering of cigarette butts that ultimately find their way into our local waterways.

If you notice a location where a public butt bin would be beneficial please contact Council’s Waste Education Officer on 9748 9999.

If you wish to report someone throwing a cigarette butt or other litter from their car window please note down the registration number of the car, the type and colour of the car and the time and date that the incident occurred and where it occurred and contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999. Council cannot fine a person from information provided by a member of the public. However, a warning letter can be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

For further information visit the Environment Protection Authority’s website.