Appointing Council as the Principal Certifying Authority

Appointing a Principal Certifying Authority

Before you start any approved building or construction work, your local Council or a licensed independent party must be appointed as a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

You should appoint a PCA once development consent has been obtained. You then need to advise your local council of the appointment and obtain a Construction Certificate before starting any building work.

Role of the Principal Certifying Authority

The PCA oversees the development's construction phase and completes mandatory building inspections, known as critical stage inspections, to make sure that building standards are met and conditions of development consent are satisfied.

Some examples of inspections include:

  • Reinforcement of footings, slabs, columns etc before concrete placement
  • Structural framework before covering
  • Storm water drainage systems before back filling
  • Wet area waterproofing before tiling
  • Operation and placement of essential fire services
  • Final inspection before occupation to ensure conditions have been complied with and the building complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

The PCS is also responsible for issuing Occupation Certificates. These can be issued as an Interim  or Final Occupation Certificate and can be issued for the whole or any part of a building.

Once building work has finished, the PCA will complete final inspections and issue the Final Occupation Certificate, if all requirements have been satisfied.

Why Appoint Council as Your Principal Certifying Authority?

Council is pleased to offer a 'one stop shop' service for your development process.

Strathfield Council offers:

  • An efficient, streamlined service
  • Professional service
  • reliability
  • Savings in time and money 
Further Enquiries

If you wish to discuss appointing Council as your PCA or have any further enquiries, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on (02) 9748 9999 to speak with a Council Building Compliance Officer.