The following links provide useful heritage information.

New South Wales Government Agencies

  • New South Wales Heritage Branch - Provides specialist advice and administrative support to the Minister for Planning, the Heritage Council of NSW and the wider community about the management of heritage across New South Wales. Tel 02 9873 8500
  • NSW Department of Planning
  • Sydney Harbour Federation Trust - Undertakes planning, consultation, public awareness and maintenance projects for former Defence and other special Commonwealth lands on Sydney Harbour. Tel 02 8969 2100
  • Environment Protection Authority - Responsible for legislation and programs aimed at restoring and enhancing the quality of the Environment in NSW.
  • Heritage Council of NSW - Established in 1977 to provide a legal basis for the conservation of the State's environmental heritage. Places can be protected through the mechanisms provided by the Heritage Act. Tel 02 9873 8500
  • Sydney Living Museums (formerly Historic Houses Trust) - Manages a number of heritage properties such as the Museum of Sydney, Hyde Park Barracks, Government House and others and has a community education program. Tel 02 8239 2288
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service - Works under the National Parks and Wildlife Act to ensure the protection of Aboriginal places in NSW and the conservation of historic places within parks and reserves. The Service holds important data on native flora and fauna in the State. Tel 02 9585 6444

General Information

Federal Departments and Agencies

  • Australian Heritage Council - Assesses the values of places nominated for the National Heritage List and the Commonwealth Heritage List. Advises the Minister for the Environment and Heritage on conserving and protecting listed values. The Council may also nominate places with heritage values to these lists. Replaced the Australian Heritage Commission. Tel 02 6274 2111
  • Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities - This Australian Government Department includes the Heritage Division and functions such as National, Commonwealth and World Heritage; Environment Quality, Australian Antarctic, and Marine and Water. The Department is responsible for administering the Australian Heritage Commission, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, the Australian Greenhouse Office and the Bureau of Meteorology. Tel: 02 6274 1111
  • Environment Protection and Heritage Council - Ministerial Council with environment protection and heritage (natural, historic and indigenous heritage) responsibilities. Membership includes Commonwealth, Australian States and Territories, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Tel 08 8419 1200
  • National Archives of Australia - Cares for Australian Government records and makes them available. Tel: 02 6212 3600
  • National Library of Australia - Provides a range of information services. Tel 02 6262 1111

Non-Government Organisations