Heritage is an important feature of Strathfield’s built and natural environment and Council actively Strathfield Council Cottagesupports these distinct and unique qualities through grant assistance to eligible projects. Strathfield Council’s Financial Assistance Fund is available to owners of privately owned residential, religious and educational properties for conservation work to heritage items and properties located within a heritage conservation area under the Strathfield Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012.

Applicants can nominate proposed heritage conservation works for potential grant funding by submitting a completed Grant Application Form. Applications for the 2016/17 grants are open until Tuesday 11 October 2016.

About the Heritage Assistance Fund

The Strathfield Council Heritage Assistance Fund is a grants scheme aimed to assist with the partial funding of heritage conservation and restoration works for properties which are statutory listed or properties within a listed Heritage Conservation Area. The aim of the grants is to financially assist private owners of heritage listed properties to protect and preserve the conservation of heritage items.

The process involves the following steps:

1. Council invites applications from owners eligible to receive assistance informing them of the availability of a grant early in each financial year.

2. Applications for proposed works are submitted to Council for consideration. Depending on the number of applications approved, types of proposed work and funds available, grant funding recommendations will be forwarded to Council for consideration.

3. Upon endorsement of the approved grants by Council, successful applicants are notified in writing and advised of the specific grant funding approved.

4. Prior to the work being undertaken, the owner is to contact Council advising of the likely date that work will commence. This allows Council to take pre-works photos for its records. All work undertaken must be in accordance with works specified in Council’s grant approval letter.

5. Following completion of the work, the owner must submit to Council a copy of the receipts(s), detailing cost of works and labour. All work must be completed and the receipt(s) forwarded to Council prior to the end of the financial year (i.e. before 30 June 2017).

6. A Council Officer will then inspect the completed works to ensure it complies with the approved grant. Post works photographs are taken to keep a record of the works completed.

7. The approved grant funding will be provided to the land owners upon completion of the approved works to Council’s satisfaction and checking of receipts.


Access to the Heritage Assistance Fund is offered to owners of statutory listed heritage items or properties within listed heritage conservation areas with the exception of properties which are commercial or government owned.

The types of works which are eligible include:

• Front fence restoration and replacement

• Roofing repairs and restoration

• Building façade painting in heritage colour schemes

• Dampcourse/restumping treatment

• Verandah restoration

• Window repair and restoration

• Building façade brickwork restoration

• Heritage garden restoration.

Council will not provide funding for works that have already commenced, where assistance funding is reasonably available from another source, commercial or government owned properties, and works that do not have development approval (for works where development consent is required).

Funding Allocation

The assistance grant offered by Council is not intended to cover the total cost of conservation work but to provide partial assistance with the cost of conservation work. The criteria used to assess applications includes: the heritage significance of a property, location of a property (e.g. is in a prominent location), the cost of each item of the conservation work proposed, the importance of a property to the community and the contribution the work will make to maintaining the heritage significance of the property and the total number of eligible projects assessed by Council.