Heritage is an important feature of Strathfield's built and natural environment, providing the Strathfield area with its distinct and unique qualities and enhances Strathfield as a  quality and desirable place for people to live, work, educate or visit.

Strathfield Council has developed policies such as financial assistance policies and heritage advisory services, to conserve items and provide support to owners of properties that offer heritage value to the local community. 

Information on Council's heritage policies and heritage schedules is available on this site.


Heritage Lists

Strathfield Council is a unique area with items and areas that contribute to the heritage significance of the area. The heritage significance of a place is what...

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Heritage Advisory Service

Strathfield Council provides a free heritage advisory service to owners of heritage properties in the Strathfield Local Government Area. The purpose of introducing a free heritage advisory service is...

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Heritage Consultants Directory

Heritage Consultants and Conservation Suppliers and Services An online directory of heritage consultants and product suppliers is now available through the NSW Heritage Branch. The Heritage Consultants Directory[http://www.heritage.nsw.gov.au/13_subnav_07.cfm] contains...

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Heritage Assistance Fund

Heritage is an important feature of Strathfield’s built and natural environment and Council actively Strathfield Council Cottage supports these distinct and unique qualities through grant assistance to eligible...

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Heritage Awards

The Strathfield Heritage Awards are held to celebrate Strathfield's heritage and recognise heritage Edgebaston Vale works. All buildings, gardens and residents of Strathfield local government area are eligible to...

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Useful Links

The following links provide useful heritage information. New South Wales Government Agencies New South Wales Heritage Branch[http://www.heritage.nsw.gov.au/] - Provides specialist advice and administrative support to the Minister for Planning, the...

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Building Movement and Cracking

Cracking in buildings is common in NSW and particularly in the Strathfield Council area. Most of Strathfield Council area is built upon reactive clay soil. During periods of drought,...

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