As part of Strathfield Council’s commitment to encouraging design excellence in relation to development, Council is establishing a Design Review Panel.


The key functions of the Strathfield Design Review Panel (SDRP) are to:

  • Provide independent, expert design advice on applications referred to the SDRP in accordance with this Charter. Note: the Panel plays an advisory role and is not a decision‐making body.
  • Examine, evaluate and comment on the design aspects of development applications referred to the SDRP in accordance with the Charter, prior to the determination of the relevant development applications.
  •  Provide advice on Council’s policies/controls as they relate to design.
  •  Assess the design quality of development proposals and identify how the proposed development could be improved by design changes to better achieve the objectives of the relevant planning controls and an optimum design outcome.
  •  Provide comments to Council and in some instances applicants and their architects on actions that could be taken to improve the quality of the design of a development;
  •  Facilitate greater transparency in the decision making process of applications to which this charter applies; and
  •  Achieve best practice urban design and development outcomes consistent with the relevant legislation and planning controls.


The SDRP is presided over by a permanent Chairperson and two (2) rotating expert members.

Further details can be found in the Design Review Panel Charter (refer below).

All members of the Strathfield Design Review Panel must abide by Council’s Code of Conduct and all relevant policies.