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11-16 Loftus Crescent, 2 Subway Lane, 5, 9-11 Knight Street and 88-92 Paramatta Road Homebush

Planning Authority: The Eastern City Planning Panel
Local Government Area: Strathfield


The proposal seeks to award the maximum height of building and Floor Space Ratio (FSR) development standards applicable to this site, under the Strathfield Local Environment Plan 2012 (SLEP 2012). The Planning Proposal also seeks to amend the identification of the site as a key site on the FSR Map to provide for a maximum FSR of 7:1 where certain public benefits are provided.

The Proposal will include 481 residential units, 1,278m² retail/commercial area, lane way of 901 m² dedicated to Council, public open space and through site link of 1,250m², land dedicated to road widening on the north side of Loftus Street and a bus shelter  upgrade on Paramatta Road.

The intended outcome of the Planning Proposal is to amend the SLEP 2012 as follows:

  1. Amend the applicable maximum height of buildings development standard, under clause 4.3. “Height of Buildings” From 16m, 21m and 22m to 80m.
  2. Amend the applicable maximum Floor Space Ratio Development standard, under clause 4.4. “ Floor Space Ratio” from 1.65:1 and 2:1 to 5:1.
  3. Amend the identification of the site as a key site on the FSR map for the purpose of clause 4.4A exceptions to floor space ratio (Paramatta Road Corridor) to provide for a maximum floor stage ratio of 7:1.

Notes: The Planning Proposal has been placed on Council’s website for information purposes only and is not open for public submissions. Submissions from the public will be required at a date to be determined by the Eastern City Planning Panel.