125 Parramatta Road and 52-54 Powell St, Homebush

Location: 125 Parramatta Road and 52-54 Powell Street, Homebush
Relevant Planning Authority: The Eastern City Planning Panel
Local Government Area: Strathfield


The Proposal seeks to re-zone 52-54 Powell Street, Homebush from “R4 – High Density Residential” to “B4 – Mixed Use” and to increase the maximum building height controls from 29 metres (125 Parramatta Road) and 32 metres (52-54 Powell Street) to 75 metres and to increase the maximum floor space ration from 2:1 (125 Parramatta Road) and 1.65:1 (52-54 Powell Street) to 3.6:1.

The proposal will include 141 residential units made up of:

  • 30 x 1 bedroom units
  • 103 x 2 bedroom units
  • 8 x 3 bedroom units, and
  • 250m² of retail space on the ground floor

Notes: This Planning Proposal has been placed on Council’s website for information purposes only and is not open for public submission. Submission from the public will be required at a date to be determined by the Eastern City Planning Panel.