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11-23 The Boulevard, Strathfield

Location: 11-23 The Boulevard, Strathfield
Relevant Planning Authority: The Eastern City Planning Panel
Local Government Area: Strathfield


The Proposal seeks to amend the height of building and floor space ratio development standards applicable to the site, under the Strathfield Local Environment Plan 2012 (SLEP 2012) . The Proposal also proposes to increase the cap on residential accommodation on the site.

The Proposal will include a Retail Plaza, commercial offices, five (5) residential ranging from 13 – 38 storeys providing 753 residential apartments. A provision for 10% of the residential units being dedicated to “Key Worker” subsidised rental housing and a 700 m²  community centre.

The intended outcome of the Planning Proposal is to amend SLEP 2012 as follows:

  1. Amend the applicable maximum height of buildings development standard, under Clause 4.3: Height of buildings, from 54 metres with a height of up to 156 metres.
  2. Amend the applicable maximum floor space ratio development standard, under Clause 4.4 Floor Space Ratio, to permit a floor space ratio from 7.5:1 to 9:5:1 and identify Strathfield Central as “Area 4”.
  3. Remove the application of Clause 4.4B Exceptions to floor space ratio ( Strathfield Town Centre).
  4. Amend Clause 6.7 Design excellence for Strathfield Town Centre to include ” Area 4″ on the Floor Space Ratio Map.
  5. Amend Clause 6.8: Additional provisions for development in Strathfield Town Centre on “Area 4” to increase the cap on residential accommodation permitted on the site from 30% to 70%.

Notes: This Planning Proposal has been placed on Council’s website for information purposes only and is not open for public submission. Submission from the public will be required at a date to be determined by the Eastern City Planning Panel.