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Council has established an Internal Development Assessment Panel (IDAP) as part of its ongoing commitment to greater transparency in the decision making process of development applications.


The key responsibilities of the Panel are to provide a collaborative and independent review of development applications referred to the Panel under the IDAP Charter  and to achieve high quality urban design outcomes.


The Panel consists of four (4) members, with a Chairperson rotated weekly. The quorum for a meeting of the Panel is three (3) members. Alternate Panel members will be used when an issue of quorum arises. Panel members comprise occupants of senior leadership positions within Council across the areas of planning, law, building, engineering, waste, infrastructure and landscaping. Members of the Panel are bound by the Strathfield Council Code of Conduct.

Meeting Day

The Panel will convene weekly on FRIDAY.

The meeting is closed session and is not available for the public to attend.

IDAP Panel Meeting Documents

The Minutes of the Panel meeting will be uploaded to Council’s website.