Exhibition - Draft Parramatta Road Development Control Plan

Council, at its meeting on 6 March 2018 resolved to prepare an amendment to Strathfield Development Control Plan No 20 – Parramatta Road Corridor which translates the principles and key design outcomes of the draft Urban Design Study into development controls

The draft Urban Design Report and Development Control Plan (DCP applies to land known as the Parramatta Road Precinct – Homebush Central. This Precinct is generally bounded by the M4 Motorway to the north, Loftus Crescent to the south, Powell’s Creek to the east and Sydney Markets, Hudson Street and Kanoona Avenue to the west.

The draft DCP includes Key Urban Design Principles, Objectives and Controls for the Precinct and aims to facilitate the development of Homebush Central as an attractive and desirable high density urban core that is the centrepiece to the surrounding well established low density suburbs to the north and south of the corridor

Any person can make a submission in writing on draft Parramatta Road DCP. Submissions must be lodged with Council no later than 5pm on Friday 15 June 2018 and should be addressed to the General Manager, Strathfield Council and posted to PO Box 120, Strathfield NSW 2135 or emailed to: council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au with the heading: Draft Parramatta Road DCP.

The draft DCP is on exhibition until Friday 15 June 2018.

Should you have questions regarding draft Parramatta Road DCP, please contact Council’s Principal Strategic Planner, Rita Vella on 9748 9995.