Community Consultation on Access Arrangements - Smallwood Ave

Friday, 27th April, 2018

Council proposes to provide through access between Parramatta Road, Smallwood Avenue through to Loftus Crescent, following review undertaken by the Council to assess traffic congestion at the intersection of Bridge Road and Parramatta Road.

The proposal aims at easing congestion at the intersection of Bridge Road and Parramatta Road by diverting some percentage of traffic through Smallwood Avenue and highlights of this proposal are:

1. Removing the existing garden bed barrier at the intersection of Smallwood Avenue and Dalton Avenue.
2. Left-in and Left-out arrangements from Smallwood Avenue onto Parramatta Road.
3. Restricting the entry/exit to heavy and long vehicles on Smallwood Avenue (Vehicles over 6m and over 4T not to be provided with access arrangements )

Should you wish to refer the detailed traffic report presented to the Traffic Committee, please click here.

Should you wish to comment on the proposal please write to Council at Your comments will form valuable asset in arriving to the decision for this proposal. Feedback needs to be provided by Friday 18 May 2018.