Strathfield 2035

Strathfield Council has a responsibility to formulate and pursue the community’s visions and ideas, provide civic leadership, deliver key services and express local ideas and concerns about important issues to other levels of government.  The Strathfield 2035 Community Strategic Plan sets out the long term goals and strategies for the Strathfield community until 2035.

Strathfield 2035 is made up of integrated plans and reports which include:

  • Community Strategic Plan – Strathfield 2035
  • Delivery Program 2022-2026 and Operational Plan 2023-2024
  • Resourcing Strategy
    • Long Term Financial Plan
      • Capacity to Pay
      • Hardship Policy
    • Asset Strategy
    • Workforce Management Plan 2023-2026
  • Fees and Charges

Strathfield 2035-Community Strategic Plan
Delivery Program 2022-2026 and Operational Plan 2023-2024
Strathfield 2035 - Long Term Financial Plan
Capacity to Pay
Asset Strategy
Hardship Policy
Workforce Management Plan 2023-2026

Strathfield 2030

The Strathfield 2030 Community Strategic Plan applied for the period of July 2017 – June 2022. In July 2022 it was superceded by Strathfield 2035. It was revised and updated annually and is made up of integrated plans and reports which include:

  • Part 1: Community Strategic Plan – Strathfield 2030
  • Part 2: Resourcing Strategy
  • Part 2A: Long Term Financial Plan
  • Part 2B: Workforce Management Plan
  • Part 2C: Asset Management and Policy, Strategy and Plan
  • Part 3: Delivery Program and Operational Plan
  • Part 3A: Fees and Charges

The Annual Report and Financial Statement is prepared annually.  An End of Term Report is also prepared prior to a Council election to report on progress against the goals and objectives of the Community Strategic Plan.

The current plan can be viewed below or please contact Council for a copy to be sent to you.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program is a fixed-term four year plan, designed as a single point of reference for all projects and services to be undertaken by Council. Plans, activities and funding allocations are linked to this Program.  The Delivery Program sets out how the goals and strategies of the Strathfield 2030 plan will be implemented.

The Operational Plan is a subset of the Delivery Program and is prepared annually in line with a detailed annual budget and statement of Council’s Revenue Policy, including proposed rates, fees and charges. It sets out individual actions for each project, activity or service to be undertaken and targets to achieve for a year of the Delivery Program.

Resourcing Strategies and Plans

In order to achieve the community’s long term aspirations and needs identified in Strathfield 2030, Council analyses and assesses its current and future capacity and resources (including staff, assets and finances) to carry them out and details these in Council’s Resourcing Strategies.

The Strathfield Council Resourcing Strategy consists of Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Strategy, Policy and Plan and Workforce Management Strategy.

  • The Long Term Financial Plan reflects Council’s desire and capacity to deliver the strategies, initiatives, works and programs identified in the 2030 Community Strategic Plan and in the 4-year Delivery Program.
  • The Asset Management Strategy includes an overarching Asset Management Policy identifying all built assets under Council’s control and risk management strategies for them.  The Asset Management Plans provide more detailed information on different classes of assets.
  • The Workforce Management Strategy and Plan addresses the human resourcing requirements of Council’s four year Delivery Program.  This strategy and plan ensures Strathfield Council has the people and the capacity to implement its strategic direction and delivery of services.

Annual Report

The Annual Report details Council’s performance across a range of Council services and functions and provides information that must be disclosed under the Local Government Act 1993 and Regulations.

See Annual Reports.

See Council’s Annual Financial Statements.

End of Term Report

The End of Term Report is prepared at the end of the Council term, prior to a Council election.  This publication reports on Council’s progress in the implementation of its Community Strategic Plan.

The first End of Term Report was published in 2017.  The next End of Term Report will be published in 2020.

See End of Term Reports.