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The Local Government Act 1993 requires every council to adopt a code of conduct that incorporates the provisions of the Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils in NSW. Strathfield Council’s Code of Conduct was adopted on 22 May 2019. Our Code of Conduct is supported by the Strathfield Council Procedure for the Administration of the code which outlines the process for the lodgement and investigation of complaints.

Councillors, members of staff of Council and delegates of the Council must comply with the applicable provisions of Council’s Code of Conduct.

Failure by a Councillor to comply with an applicable requirement of Council’s Code of Conduct constitutes misbehaviour. Failure by a member of staff to comply with Council’s Code of Conduct may give rise to disciplinary action.

Council has also adopted policies setting standards of behaviour in regard to Council’s business partners, volunteers and community representatives.  These policies are:

Business Ethics Policy

Council’s Business Ethics Policy is designed to complement Council’s Code of Conduct.  Council’s Busines Ethics Policy applies to councillors, council staff, tenderers, suppliers, contractors and consultants and their sub-contractors/employees.

The objectives of the Business Ethics Policy is to

  • set out the ethical standards expected of Council’s suppliers and business partners
  • encourage compliance with Council’s ethical standards
  • provide guidance on complaints and reporting processes

The policy sets out the ethical standards which apply to Council and its business partners, reporting of complaints and consequences for breach of the policy and Code of Conduct.

Gifts and Benefits

Council’s Code of Conduct and associated policies such as Business Ethics and Volunteers and Community Representatives Policy do not permit Councillors, Council staff, contractors or volunteers to:

  • seek or accept a bribe or other improper inducement
  • seek gifts or benefits of any kind
  • accept any gift or benefit that may create a sense of obligation on their part or may be perceived to be intended to likely to influence them in carrying out their public duty
  • accept any gift or benefit of more than token value
  • accept an offer of money, regardless of the amount.

It is the policy of Council that staff and councillors must disclose in writing to the General Manager all offers of gifts or benefits, including those of token value.   Council maintains a register of gifts and benefits which records all gifts and benefits offered to Council staff or Councillors.

Under no circumstances, should any offer of money (eg bribe or other improper inducement) be made or accepted.  Any offer of a bribe must be reported in writing to the General Manager for consideration of appropriate action.

Volunteers & Community Representatives Policy

Council’s Volunteer & Community Representatives Policy has applied since February 2007 and is designed to complement Council’s Code of Conduct, which applies to all Council officials including Councillors, staff and delegates of Council.

The Volunteer and Community Representatives Policy provides guidance and assistance to all volunteers who participate in the following activities:

  • Council committees or working groups
  • Council activities or programs with identified volunteer positions
  • Council activities and programs managed through agreement with educational, community and not for profit organisations such as schools, service clubs, environmental groups, cultural, sport and recreation organisations.

The aim of this policy is to provide guidance in avoiding difficulties and conflicts by understanding the responsibilities of community representation with Strathfield Council. Issues such as conflict of interest, security and privacy are outlined in this policy.

Access to documents

A copy of the Code of Conduct and associated policies are available for viewing or copying (see below).  If you are unable to view or copy from this website, please contact Council on 9748 9999, email Council or visit Council’s Customer Service Centre at 65 Homebush Road Strathfield to request access to this document or previous versions.