Where can I find a public park or playground?

For information about parks and playgrounds, please visit the Parks and Recreation section of this website.

Are there any off-leash areas for dogs?

Strathfield has two park areas that dogs can be exercised off-leash:

  • Elliott Reserve, located along the Cooks River where it runs from Elliott Street, Belfield (Main Entrance opposite Bark Huts Reserve) to Punchbowl Road. Elliott Reserve links up to the Bay to Bay Walk/Cycleway which runs along the opposite side of the river past Southend Tennis Centre and Ford Park. Note: Dogs are banned in this park when the area contains a circus.
  • Allen Street Reserve is located along Powells Creek at Homebush and is Council's newest leash free area. This area features a fully fenced with 1.3 metre fence and double gates, dog agility equipment, seating and drinking water for dogs.

Please visit the Leash Free Areas section of this website for conditions of using leash free areas.

How do I report a park bin overflowing?

To report a park bin overflowing please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999.

Where is nearest public pool located?

There are no public swimming pools in the Strathfield Local Government Area. The public swimming pools located nearest to Strathfield are the Enfield Olympic Swimming Pool operated by Burwood Council and the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Park Centre.