In 2012 following extensive community consultation, Strathfield Council adopted ‘Strathfield 2025’, a plan that sets out goals and strategies to meet the community’s aspirations and needs for the area they live and operate in. This report outlines key achievements of this plan over the 2012-2017 council term.

‘Strathfield 2025’ is based on five broad themes:

Connectivity - understanding how Strathfield connects and integrates with the broader Inner West and Sydney region. This is critical to providing transport that is easy and safe to use, planning infrastructure that is adequate for growth and improving information and communication technologies to connect local community to the world.

Community Wellbeing - the wellbeing of the local community is supported and enhanced by providing safe, clean, healthy and attractive environments, access to public spaces and community facilities, and opportunities to participate in programs and activities.

Prosperity and Opportunities - providing opportunities for prosperity through innovative business development, improving regulatory systems and promoting a sense of civic pride.

Liveable Neighbourhoods - supporting high quality, well planned and sustainable urban and natural environments that balance well designed and innovative development with existing local character. 

Responsible Leadership - commitment to making improvements to infrastructure and delivering and facilitating better services by responsible management of community assets and consistent delivery of efficient and effective services.

The key goals and strategies that stem from these five themes identify the priorities for the future of the Strathfield community. Effective implementation of these strategies depends not only on the actions of Council but collaboration with governments, educational institutions, community organisations and businesses.

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