Strathfield Council is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors to Council premises and workplaces.

The NSW Work Health & Safety (WH&S) Act and Regulations are established to ensure the health and safety of people both at work and at workplaces.

Strathfield Council considers WH&S as an integral part of the Council's business operations, and will take every possible opportunity to eliminate behaviour, practices and hazards which cause accidents or injuries to employees, contractors or the community and provide resources to comply with all relevant Acts and Regulations.

Strathfield Council is committed to the health, safety and welfare of our workers and others that may be affected by our work.  This includes the protection of our workers by complying with Work, Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, demonstrating due diligence and implementing WHS practices and procedures.


WH&S Policy Statement

The following policy statement has been adopted by Council:

At Strathfield, we believe that work related injuries and illnesses are preventable and that safe and healthy practices are integral to the sustainability of Council’s activities and operations. In particular, we will:           

  • implement proactive health and safety management strategies and processes
  • encourage and recognise worker initiatives that contribute to a safe and healthy work environment
  • control hazards by the occupational risk management process of hazard identification, risk assessment and control
  • monitor and review risk control measures to ensure they remain effective
  • involve workers in the decision making processes through structured and informal communication, consultation and training
  • communicate openly about our activities and reporting and measure progress on our safety and health performance.
  • provide ongoing training and information for workers to enable them to work in the safest way possible
  • provide appropriate support and resources
  • require employees and contractors to comply with their WHS responsibilities
  • report notifiable accidents
  • provide effective injury and rehabilitation management

Work health and safety is an integral part of the responsibilities of managers and supervisors. 

All workers must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and comply with reasonable instructions, policies and procedures regarding the safety and health of other persons and workplaces.  

All workers are authorised and expected to safely stop work and immediately notify their supervisor if a task carries an unacceptable level of risk.

Council will maintain a documented safety management system and provide appropriate support and resources.  System implementation and maintenance will be achieved through demonstrated leadership of all managers and supervisors and the commitment and involvement of all workers.


Persons seeking employment

Persons seeking employment with Strathfield Council should be aware of their responsibilities under WH&S legislation. Questions regarding WH&S may be asked during selection interviews.


Contractors and Suppliers

Contractors and suppliers, supplying goods and providing services to and on behalf of Council, are required to know and comply with the Council’s Work Health & Safety Policies, procedures and programmes and observe directions on health and safety from Council's authorised officers. Failure to comply or observe a direction may be considered a breach of the contract and may be grounds for termination of the contract.