Council’s Code of Conduct and associated policies such as Business Ethics and Volunteers and Community Representatives Policy do not permit Councillors, Council staff, contractors or volunteers to:

  • seek or accept a bribe or other improper inducement
  • seek gifts or benefits of any kind
  • accept any gift or benefit that may create a sense of obligation on their part or may be perceived to be intended to likely to influence them in carrying out their public duty
  • accept any gift or benefit of more than token value
  • accept an offer of money, regardless of the amount.

It is the policy of Council that staff and councillors must disclose in writing to the General Manager all offers of gifts or benefits, including those of token value.   Council maintains a register of gifts and benefits which records all gifts and benefits offered to Council staff or Councillors. 

Under no circumstances, should any offer of money (eg bribe or other improper inducement) be made or accepted.  Any offer of a bribe must be reported in writing to the General Manager for consideration of appropriate action.