The NSW Election Funding Authority (EFA) is responsible for administering the provisions of the Election Funding Act 1981. The Authority is responsible for dealing with:

  • registration of state and local government candidates and groups of candidates for election funding purposes,
  • claims for payment made by registered political parties, candidates and groups of candidates and for the reimbursement of election campaign expenditure at parliamentary elections,
  • declarations of political contributions received and electoral expenditure incurred. Declarations are lodged by registered political parties, groups and candidates who contest state and local government elections,
  • declarations of electoral expenditure incurred and political contributions received lodged by political donors, and 
  • claims for payment lodged by registered political parties for the purposes of political education.

For more information visit the NSW Election Funding Authority website.

Funding Declarations

Councillors are required to make funding declarations in accordance with the Local Government and Planning Legislation Amendment (Political Donations) Act 2008, Local Government Act 1993 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  Funding declarations are lodged by Councillors with the Electoral Funding Authority and may be accessed on their website

The NSW Electoral Commission has established a dedicated enquiry line to assist with information regarding disclosure of political donations returns and electoral legislation. Telephone: 1300 135 736.

Reportable Political Donations

There is a legal requirement to make declarations of donations to councillors relating to planning or development applications and submissions to planning proposals.  Click here for further information.