Council at its Extraordinary Meeting on 11 August 2015 resolved:
"That Council take no further action concerning a Comfort Women Memorial as the proposal does not meet the criteria of Council’s Memorial Policy."

Voting was unanimous.


A member of the public who wishes to address the meeting must make a request to speak.

Requests to speak must be received by the General Manager in writing prior to 4.30 pm on Monday 10 August 2015.

Requests can be made on Council’s Request to Address Council Form available from Council’s Customer Service Centre or click here.

Only correctly completed requests will be accepted.

Due to the overwhelming interest in this matter, and consistent with the previous meeting dealing with statue proposal, Council has determined that there will be a maximum of eight (8) speakers on the night. 

Four (4) speakers in favour of the proposal and four (4) speakers against the proposal.

Should more than four (4) speakers request to speak either in favour of or against the proposal; four (4) names will be drawn from a hat at random.  

The draw will take place on Tuesday 11 August 2015 at 9:30am in Council’s Customer Service Centre, 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield.  This draw is open to the public.

Those selected to speak will be notified via email from 10:00am, Tuesday 11 August 2015.


Speakers have a time limit of 5 minutes each.

Speakers shall speak alternately commencing with an objector to the matter followed by a supporter and so on.

Comments of speakers are taped

Speakers are not permitted to ask questions to Councillors, staff or other speakers

Speakers are not to make personal comments or allegations concerning Councillors, Staff or other members of the public or commit any acts of disorder or otherwise engage in a disorderly conduct at the meeting.   

If in the opinion of the Chairperson a speaker breaches these requirements, the Chairperson may deny the speaker the opportunity of further address the meeting, and may expel the speaker from the meeting.   


All members of the public in attendance at the meeting are reminded to conduct themselves in a manner that does not cause disruption to proceedings or act in a manner that is inconsistent with maintaining order at the meeting.

If you act in a manner that disrupts proceedings you may be asked to leave the meeting and take no further part on the night.