Many prominent people have lived in Strathfield and many of their homes still exist including:

William Arnott, founder of Arnott's Biscuits, lived at 65-67 Albert Road Strathfield. Other members of his family lived and built homes in Strathfield as Arnott's Biscuit Factory, their place of work, was located in Homebush from 1906 to 1997.

Many members of the David Jones (retail) family lived in Strathfield, including Sir Phillip Sydney Jones (prominent doctor) and Sir Charles Lloyd Jones (Chairman of David Jones). Their homes were primarily located on The Boulevarde Strathfield. Sir Phillip Sydney Jones built and lived at 'Llandilo' (now Trinity Grammar Preparatory School) until his death in 1918.

Washington H. Soul of Soul Pattinson Chemists, lived at 'Agincourt' Albert Road Strathfield (now Jesmond Nursing Home).

Australian Prime Ministers Sir George Reid, William Morris Hughes and Frank Forde have lived in Strathfield. Premier of NSW James McGirr lived in Churchill Avenue Strathfield.

Many residents of Strathfield have been well known merchants and businessmen including Frederick Peters (founder of Peters Ice Cream) and William Coote (of Angus & Coote jewelers). Both lived in Kingsland Road Strathfield. There are many other prominent identities associated with Strathfield.


Biographies of prominent people of Strathfield

Many prominent people have lived in Strathfield and are featured in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.  Below are links to their biographies:

Akhurst, Daphne (1903-1933) -  tennis player and resident of Homebush Road Strathfield. 

Arnott, William (1827-1901) - Biscuit Manufacturer.  Resident of Albert Road Strathfield

Bardsley, Warren (1882-1954) - Cricketer.  Resident of Redmyre Road Strathfield.

Buchannan, David (1823? - 1890) - politician, barrister and critic.  Resident of 'Clareinnis' The Boulevarde Strathfield (now demolished)

Davey, Geoffrey (1906-1975) - civil engineer and priest of St Martha's Catholic Church, Homebush Road  Strathfield.

Edmunds, Rosina (1900-1956) - architect and town planner.  Resided in Elwin Street, Strathfield. 

Edmunds, Walter (1856-1932) - Judge.  Resided in Elwin Street Strathfield.

Fehon, William (1834-1911) - Railway administrator.  Resided at Homebush Road Strathfield.

Hordern, Sir Samuel (1876-1956) - merchant and stockbreeder.  Lived in 'Tuxedo' Albert Road Strathfield.

Hoskins, James (1823-1900) - miner and politician.  Resided in Homebush Road Strathfield.

Inglis, James (1845-1908) - author, merchant and politician.  Resided in The Boulevarde Strathfield.

Jones, Sir Charles Lloyd Jones (1878-1958) - merchant and patron of the arts.  Resided in 'Wavertree' The Boulevarde and 'Mundarra' Homebush Road Strathfield. 

Jones, Sir Phillip Sydney (1836-1918) - physician and surgeon.  Resident of 'Llandilo' The Boulevarde Strathfield (now Trinity Grammar Preparatory School) 

Kirkcaldie, David (1848-1909) - Railway administrator.  Resided in Bridge Road Homebush.

Love, Nigel Borland (1892-1979) - aviator and flour miller.  Lived in 'Montesca' Beresford Road and South Street Strathfield.

Peters, Frederick (1866-1937) - ice-cream manufacturer.  Lived in Kingsland Road Strathfield.

Rose, Rev. Herbert (1857-1930) - Anglican Cleryman and army chaplain.  Rector of St Anne's Anglican Church Strathfield.

Wilshire, James (1771-1840) - public servant and manufacturer.  Wilshire was granted land in 1808 which later became the Redmire Estate.  Most of the suburb of Strathfield is built on this land.