Council CottageStrathfield Council is a medium sized Council located in Sydney’s Inner West. The area of the Council comprises approximately 14.1 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 46,000 residents.

Strathfield Council has seven councillors, including the Mayor who is elected by the Councillors. The General Manager is appointed by the Council to manage the administration of the Council and in turn, the General Manager appoints staff within Council. 

Strathfield Council has adopted its community strategic plan - Strathfield 2030. The Strathfield 2030 has been developed to provide a preferred vision of the Strathfield community by the year 2030. Strathfield 2030 and articulates the local community's long-term desirable future and a common direction for the Municipality. It ensures that as an organisation Council is better prepared for future challenges.

The incorporation of local government in the Strathfield district commenced on June 1885 when the Municipality of Strathfield was incorporated covering the suburbs of Redmire (renamed Strathfield), Homebush and Druitt Town (now part of Strathfield South).

The Homebush Municipal Council was incorporated on 13 June 1906 . In 1947, Homebush Municipal Council amalgamated into Strathfield Council. On 1 January 1949, the Municipality of Enfield was abolished and the former West Ward was joined to Strathfield Municipality.

Further changes to the structure of local government were made on 1 July 1993, when the NSW Local Government Act took effect. This Act changed the responsibilities of the Mayor and Councillors and separated the functions more clearly from those of the General Manager. The new Act required local government to become more responsible, accountable and transparent in its operations.