Volunteering with Strathfield Council

Volunteering with Strathfield Council is a great way to strengthen and enhance our local community and improve and enrich people’s lives.

Volunteering is unpaid work which respects the rights, dignity and cultures of others.

Application Process

Complete the Volunteer Application Form or Volunteer Application form for under 18s and submit to council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au to get involved.

Current volunteering roles

To view current volunteering roles with Council, click here.

Other volunteering opportunities

There are many not-for-profit organisations in and around the Strathfield LGA that offer volunteer work. You can find a list of these organisations in the Community Directory. 

National Days

Clean Up Australia Day 

National Tree Day 

Other volunteering links

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Volunteer Network

Strathfield Council Contact

For any enquiries, or to submit your completed Application Form please contact Strathfield Council on 9748 9999 or email council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au Attention: Volunteer Program Coordinator.