In the interest of public health and safety, Council has made the decision to close all Council facilities and buildings until further notice.

For further information, please contact Council’s Bookings Facility Team - 9748 9999. 



Strathfield Council has the following community venues varying in facilities, space and price available for hire:

  • Strathfield Town Hall and Supper
  • Strathfield Community Centre
  • Strathfield Library
  • High Street Community Centre
  • Dutton Centre
  • Strathfield Square

All venues are available for casual and regular hire.  Casual hire involves a one-off or occasional hire, while regular hire involves 10 or more hires per year.

Booking Procedures

For more information and to apply for hire, please see the Strathfield Council Hire Package and other information below. Please complete the Application for Hire form and send via fax 9764 1034, mail to Strathfield Council, PO Box 120, Strathfield NSW 2135 or email to Forms can also be lodged in person at Council's Customer Service. For further information, call Council on 9748 9999.  

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Strathfield Town Hall and Supper Room - 65 Homebush Road, Strathfield (facing Redmyre Road)

 Strathfield Town Hall Supper Room 1     Strathfield Town Hall Supper Room 2


The Strathfield Town Hall complex has a hall, supper room, kitchen and stage (including dressing rooms).  The Town Hall and Supper Room can be part of the hiring package or hired separately.  This venue is ideal for concerts, dances, meetings and functions.

Hours of Hire

  • Monday to Friday - 9am to Midnight
  • Saturday - 9am to Midnight
  • Sunday  - 9am to 6pm (limit of 10 Sunday bookings per year applies)
  • Public Holidays - Not available 

Strathfield Community Centre - 1B Bates Street, Homebush

Strathfiell Community Centre 1B Bates 2     Strathfiell Community Centre 1B Bates 1

The Community Centre can be used for a range of activities including meetings, community and recreational activities.  There are three rooms available for community use – Redmire, Airey and Wangal Rooms. The centre is air conditioned and has disabled access (ramp, disabled toilets and disabled parking).

Hours of Hire

  • Monday to Friday - 9am to 10pm
  • Saturday – 9am to 6pm

  • Sunday – Closed

Strathfield Library - 65 - 67 Rochester Street, Homebush

Strathfield Library 2    Strathfield Library 1

Strathfield Library has one large meeting room and three small interview rooms available for hire. Prospective hirers should note that proposed activities to be held in Strathfield Library should not conflict with the library function such as excessive noise during library hours.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Thursday - 9:30am to 8pm
  • Friday - 9:30am to 6pm
  • Saturday - 9am to 4pm 
  • Sunday  - 1pm to 5pm

Ironbark Room – Meeting Facility

The Ironbark Room seats up to 80 people and can be divided into two sections, one which allows access to the kitchen facility, the other with access to the audio visual equipment.  Each section will seat up to 40 people.

Hours of Hire

  • Monday to Saturday - 9am to 10pm
  • Sunday - 10am to 6pm 

Acacia, Grevillea and Melaleuca Rooms – Interview Rooms

  • The Acacia and Grevillea Rooms seat a maximum of eight people.
  • The Melaleuca Room will seat up to three people.
  • The Acacia, Grevillea and Melaleuca Rooms are only available for hire during library operating hours.  

High Street Community Centre - 64 High Street, Strathfield (Edwards Park)

High Stree Community Library 2

High Street Community Library has a large multipurpose meeting room, which can be configured into two smaller rooms. A multipurpose area is available which seats up to 80 people. This area can be hired as one large room or can be divided into two sections (meeting rooms 1 & 2) and hired separately. Each section will seat up to 40 people. The rooms are available for hire for community, recreational or cultural activities. Functions such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, christening, dinners etc, are not permitted in this venue.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday - 9:30am to 5pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 1pm

The rooms are available at the following times: 

  • Monday to Friday - 9:30am to 5pm – meeting room 1 only
  • Monday to Friday - 5pm to 9pm – all rooms
  • Saturday and Sunday - 9am to 1pm – meeting room 1 only
  • Saturday and Sunday - 1pm to 4pm – all rooms

The Dutton Centre - 40 Augusta Street, Strathfield

The Dutton Centre 1    The Dutton Centre 2

The Dutton Centre has a large Hall/Activity area, meeting room and office available for hire. The centre gives priority access to services and programs for aged and disability groups.

Functions such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, christening, dinners etc are not permitted in this venue.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Saturday - 8:30am to 10pm
  • Sunday - Closed
  • Public Holidays - Closed

Main Hall/Activity Area

The Main Hall/Activity Area has 9 tables and 30 chairs available in the Dutton Centre. This area will seat up to 80 people and has a hardwood floor.

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room has a capacity of 8 people and has a carpeted floor.


The Office has a capacity of 8 people and has a carpeted floor.

Rooms may be viewed prior to making a booking. Appointments to view can be made Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 4.00pm by contacting Council on 02 9748 9999.



There is a kitchenette located within the activity / hall area. This can be used for tea / coffee and light refreshments. Tea, coffee, milk etc must be provided by the hirer.

Air conditioning and lighting

There is no air conditioning in the hall / activity area within the Dutton Centre. The meeting room and office are air conditioned. All lights and air conditioning must be turned off and the alarm system activated before the building is vacated.


There is a limited number of off street parking spaces at the Dutton Centre including disabled parking space with general parking in the surrounding streets.

Strathfield Square Temporary Hire

Strathfield Square is an area of open space located in the Strathfield Town Centre.  The Town Centre is a popular destination of informal recreation and also acts as transport interchange and waiting area. 

Strathfield Square is available for temporary hire for limited periods (0-4 hours) of small scale activities (less than 15 people) which are compatible with the primary uses of the area.  Activities should not interfere with pedestrian flow, public amenities or cause obstruction or discomfit to the other users of the Square. 

The types of activities considered suitable in Strathfield Square include:  

  • Community based eg information displays by local community based organisations
  • Exhibition of art or visual media
  • Health services under the auspice of NSW Health or Strathfield Council eg mobile BreastScreen etc
  • Charity events examples could include Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, Red Cross Appeal etc.

If you wish to apply for use of Strathfield Square, please complete the application form and refer to the Conditions of Temporary Hire.


Strathfield Council Hire Package: