street library title

Street libraries are a trend in Australia that many people in the Strathfield community have been benefiting from. These street libraries allow for people to come and take a book without checking them in or out and then return it after it has been read. They are a way for the community to share their interests and knowledge with other residents of all ages and backgrounds.

To use these street libraries, all you have to do is visit one at one of our 8 street libraries and take a book to enjoy and simply return it to the street library when you are done!

Here are our 8 locations:

  • Therry Street Library – 23 Therry Street East, Strathfield South
  • The Dutton Centre – 40 Augusta Street, Strathfield
  • Chalmers Road School – 23 Chalmers Road, Strathfield
  • Albert Road Street Library – 150 Albert Road, Strathfield
  • Laker Reserve Street Library – Elva Street, Strathfield (Corner of Elva Street and Beresford Road)
  • Strathfield Community Centre Street Library – 1B Bates Street, Homebush
  • ‘Ocean Life’ – Active Kids Homebush, 40 Hornsey Road, Homebush West
  • Papilio ELC Library – 11-13 George Street, North Strathfield

However, if you would like to find other street libraries or learn more about them visit their website