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Strathfield Council joins the Street Library Revolution!

Are you a book lover? 

Street libraries are a trend in Australia that much of the community has taken up and are benefiting from. Be an active member of the community and assist those in your neighbourhood! Residents of all ages and backgrounds benefit as Street Libraries create common interests, stopping points, opportunities for social interaction and sharing of knowledge.

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Recently, a new Street Library was installed at the Strathfield Community Centre. Former secondary school Visual Arts teacher and member of Strathfield Men's Shed, Michael Thompson, beautifully painted the Street Library for the Aged Day Care residents. 

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Residents will be able to enjoy free reading material right at their door step and engage in meaningful conversations about their stories with one another.

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Strathfield Council have two other Street Libraries installed at Dutton Centre and Laker Reserve. 

For more information about Street Libraries and how to get started on your own Street Library, visit their website