Getting around Strathfield just got easier!

As part of a new and exciting community initiative, Strathfield Council launched a commuter bus called the Strathfield Connector in March 2019.

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 The free commuter bus services residents of Strathfield LGA connecting them with local shops, restaurants and businesses closer than ever before. 

Running 7 days a week, every 30 minutes from 7am - 7pm, the main stops include the following: 

  • Strathfield Square
  • DFO
  • Strathfield Library 
  • Homebush shops
  • Homebush West shops
  • Strathfield South
  • Sydney Markets


Blue Bus Route

  • Cave Rd
  • Hedges Ave
  • Myrna Rd
  • Newton Rd
  • Marion St
  • Shortland Ave before Pemberton St
  • Mitchell Rd after Shortland Ave
  • Mitchell Rd before Arthur St
  • Henley Rd
  • The Crescent after Henley Rd
  • Bates St
  • Bridge Rd
  • Plaza Rd
  • Australia Ave
  • Australia Ave after Pomeroy St
  • Powell St
  • The Crescent before Homebush Rd
  • Rochester St
  • Barker Rd
  • Redmyre Rd
  • The Boulevard
  • Vernon St
  • Homebush Rd after Victoria St
  • Homebush Rd before Fairholm St
  • Homebush Rd after Hunter St
  • Homebush Rd after High St
  • Coronation Pde 
  • Clement St
  • James St
  • Bede St
  • Fitzgerald Cr
  • Wallis Ave

Red Bus ROute

  • Verona St
  • MacArthur St
  • Homebush Rd after High St
  • Homebush Rd after Hunter St
  • Homebush Rd before Gelling Ave
  • Homebush Rd after Victoria St
  • Homebush Rd before Churchill Ave
  • Churchill Ave
  • Albert Rd
  • Beresford Rd
  • Homebush Rd after Beresford Rd
  • The Crescent
  • Parramatta Rd
  • Underwood Rd and Powell St
  • Underwood Rd after Short St
  • Underwood Rd before Bellona Ave
  • Australia Ave
  • Couraille Ave
  • Marlborough Rd
  • The Crescent before Kessell Ave
  • The Crescent after Henley Rd
  • Arthur St after Hornsey Rd
  • Arthur St and Howard St
  • MacKenzie St
  • Oxford Rd
  • Wallis Ave
  • Wallis Ave after Strathlora St

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To download the Bus Route Map, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

 Strathfield Connector Bus Route Map 2019 updated Sep 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I catch the Strathfield Connector?

There will be various stops along the routes. The buses also work on a ‘hail and ride’ system.

Can I take my motorised scooter on the Strathfield Connector?

No. Due to space constraints you cannot bring your motorised scooter on the bus.

Can the Strathfield Connector accommodate wheelchair accessibility?

Yes. 2 of the 4 buses which will be used are wheelchair accessible.

Is there room to store my shopping on the Strathfield Connector?

You can only bring shopping that you can carry onto the bus yourself. For larger grocery shopping, you should arrange for home delivery through the supermarket.

What is the capacity of the bus?

Wheelchair bus – 18

Non wheelchair - 25

Can I take a pram on the Strathfield Connector?

2 of the 4 buses have space to store a folded up pram, stowed securely with the child seated with their carer.