The BreastScreen Australia Program specifically targets women aged 50-69 years. BreastScreen NSW is a FREE breast screening service for women aged 50 – 69 years. This government funded service aims to detect breast cancer in its early stages, when treatment can be most effective.

BreastScreen NSW has a network of local services across NSW including 40 regional centres and 18 mobile units which continually tour and service remote areas and specific communities within NSW.

BreastScreen NSW only sends reminder letters to women aged 50-69 years at the time of screening. Women aged 40-49 and 70 years and over are eligible to attend for screening and are welcome to phone for an appointment.

To make a booking for a free screening mammogram with BreastScreen NSW, please call the national screening number 13 20 50. When you make this call from a landline, the number will automatically connect to your nearest screening service. Please ask where the most convenient screening site is located. If you make this call from a mobile phone, you will be diverted to the BreastScreen NSW State Coordination Unit. Your call will then be redirected to your nearest screening service.

A booking clerk will ask for your personal details and whether or not you have had a mammogram before. You may also be asked some general questions, such as "Are you currently experiencing any breast problems?" You will then be asked when you would like to attend for your screening mammogram and the booking clerk will book you in and confirm contact details.

For the reasons stated above, when taking bookings, BreastScreen NSW will give priority to women aged 50-69 years, which is the target age group for the Program. Consequently, women aged 40-49 years and 70 years and over may have to wait for a suitable appointment time to become available.

For any further questions about breast cancer and the screening process, please refer to the Breast Screen Australia website.

The Central and Eastern Breast Screen Centre is located at: Croydon Health Centre, 24 Liverpool Road, Croydon 2132. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 4 pm. Transport: Parking free in underground parking enter via Croydon Avenue. Lift access from the car park to the centre. Wheelchair access from Liverpool Road directly to the BreastScreen centre. Public Transport Buses - buses stop on Liverpool Road at the front of Croydon Health Centre. Public transport trains - A ten minutes walk from Croydon Station. Bus/Train phone enquiries: 131 500