Strathfield Council offers a range of congratulatory messages from Council to residents who are celebrating significant milestones in their lives.

Some examples where residents may be eligible for a congratulatory message include:

  • 90 or 100th birthdays or any birthday after turning 90
  • 50 or 60th wedding anniversaries or any anniversary after 50
  • being nominated for a significant community award
  • winning a significant community award

To nominate a community member for a congratulatory message from the Mayor please complete and send in the form below.

Council also offers letters of condolence to those who have recently been diagnosed with a serious illness or have passed away. For more information contact Council on 9748 9999 email

Australians can also apply for messages from the Prime Minister, Governor General and the Queen. To do this, you must contact the local Federal Member or any office of any Senator. More information about this can be found here.