Strathfield Youths Fight Graffiti with Art

The new Water is Life Mural was launched on Wednesday 8 March.

Students from Strathfield South High School have created murals along fencing along Liverpool Road at Hedges Avenue in Strathfield South. This spot has been notorious with graffitists in the past and it is hoped the new art will work as a deterrent, with graffitists less likely to write over someone else’s work.

The community initiative is a collaboration between Strathfield Council, Sydney Water, Australian Catholic University and Strathfield South High School, with the aim to improve our community.

The artworks have been created by students, some of whom have family memories of refugee camps or lack of access to fresh, clean water on tap. This work is a reflection of their experiences and deep understanding of the need of water for humans to prosper.  This is a fantastic way for these young people to contribute to their new community.

Thank you to Australian Catholic University work placement students for their support; Sydney Water for the use of the land and of course the students for their creativity and work.

Graffiti is a common, unsightly and expensive problem in our area and others. Council applauds the project team and all our partners for finding such a creative way to combat this issue.  

IMG 4935

IMG 5205

IMG 5201
L-R: Students from Strathfield South High School; Xiao-Lu Liu, former Australian Catholic University student; 
Simon Paterson, Principal, Strathfield South High School; and Karen Maciel, Teacher, Strathfield South High School