Strathfield Council, public authorities, businesses and private property owners devote significant resources to managing and removing graffiti vandalism. The term ‘Graffiti vandalism’ generally refers to illegally defacing private and public property with markings and/or graphics without the owner's consent.

Council has adopted a Graffiti Management Policy that sets out how Council manages graffiti vandalism in the Strathfield Local Government Area.

Rapid and continual removal of graffiti vandalism is the best way for property owners to protect their property and preserve the image of their neighbourhood. Removing graffiti within 24 to 48 hours makes removal easier and more effective and reduces the notoriety for graffiti vandals that results from having the graffiti vandalism on display.

Reporting Graffiti

Council property

Council removes graffiti from Council property within 48 hours of reporting. Council's properties include buildings, signs, park and street furniture, and road signs.  To report any damage to public property contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9748 9999 or if you witness someone putting graffiti on a property, contact the Police immediately.

Public Authorities and State/Federal Government land and infrastructure

If graffiti appears on property belonging to State or Federal Government or utilities such as Sydney Water, Roads & Maritime Services, Ausgrid's electrical substations, streetlights etc, Council is unable to remove the graffiti.  You can contact the authority and report it directly: see Public Authorities – graffiti contacts. Otherwise you can contact Council and information will be passed on. 

Graffiti - general

Call the Police Assistance Line (PAL) on 131 444. PAL allows you to report crime over the phone. Once your report is completed by a customer service representative, your information is immediately available to your local police.

By phoning PAL, rather than your local police station, you are freeing up police officers who could otherwise be on the street actively preventing and investigating crime in your community.

Graffiti Removal Kits

As part of Strathfield Council’s ongoing commitment to the removal of graffiti vandalism in the Council area, Council provides Graffiti Removal Kits free of charge (upon application) to Strathfield residents who wish to undertake graffiti removal from their property.  

Council provides one (1) ‘Graffiti Removal Kit’ to each household per year.  The Earth Solutions ‘Graffiti Removal Kit’ contains a bottle of multi-purpose Graffiti Remover and spray nozzle, gloves and a protective cloth arm guard.

Applicants must only use the Graffiti Removal Kit to remove graffiti from their own property.  Tenants must only remove graffiti with the consent of the property owner.

To obtain a graffiti removal kit, please complete the application form and provide proof of residency. Kits are collected from Council's Customer Service Centre.


Graffiti Removal Day

Graffiti Removal Day will take place on Sunday 21 October 2018. Volunteer and nominate a site that needs to have graffiti removed! For more information call 1300 665 310 or visit