As part of Strathfield Council's Break and Enter Prevention Program, an information and home security kit has been formulated. Residents can grab a free home security kit at at Customer Service Centre at 65 Homebush Road Strathfield between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Inside this kit you will find:

  • Home Security Checklist
  • Home Security Guide
  • Property Identification factsheet

This is an initiative of Strathfield Council in partnership with NSW Police and supported by the NSW Department of Justice and Attorney General.


As part of Strathfield Council's Break and Enter Prevention Program, eligible residents of Strathfield are invited to participate in a lock subsidy scheme which aims to protect homes, minimising the incidence of break and enter crimes on households in the Strathfield local government area. This scheme works in conjunction with the Home Security Kit and offers free or subsidised installation of a suitable standard deadlock on an entry door by a qualified locksmith.


To be eligible, residents must demonstrate that:

  • They are the owner and resident of a residential dwelling (unit, town house or detached house) within the Strathfield local government area (proof of ownership and residence will be required at time of registration)
  • There is no standard deadlock already installed on an exterior entry door to main dwelling.

Note: Private tenants and Housing NSW tenants are not eligible for this program.

For more details and to apply, see the below forms or contact Strathfield Council on 9748 9999.