Council undertakes several community safety and crime prevention activities.  These activities aim to make the Strathfield Municipality safer by reducing the causes of harm to residents and the public such as accidents.  They also include working with the NSW Police on projects and programs that address opportunities for crime through community education, safety audits of crime hotspots, community policing, and the promotion of personal and home safety.

Strathfield Council has adopted its Community Safety Strategy 2016-2020.  Through this strategy, Council outlines actions to promote community safety and crime prevention over a four year period. 

Community Safety Resources

Break & Enter Prevention Program Home Security Kit. 

Enquire about how you can receive your free kit – call 9748 9999.

Walk safe & get fit! Download the safety walking map below!

If you missed Daniel Weis’ presentation at the Community Safety Expo, a copy of his slides are available in the link below.

Strathfield Council in partnership with NSW Police have developed the below safety videos filled with handy tips to keep yourself, family and belongings safe. 

You can see the videos by clicking on the below links:

Community Safety Video - English

Community Safety Video - Mandarin

Community Safety Video - Tamil

Community Safety Video - Dari

Community Safety Video - Hindi