Last chance to register for the WestConnex M4 East Air Quality Community Consultative Committee.

You have only one day left to register to represent your community as a member of the Air Quality Community Consultative Committee (AQCCC).

Sydney Motorway Corporation (SMC) is seeking community members to provide input and advice on the location of air quality monitoring locations and related issues.

What is involved?
The AQCCC will meet at least four times a year from establishment until two years after the opening of the M4 East.

In consultation with the Department of Planning and Environment, SMC will appoint an independent chairperson.

Would I be a suitable participant?
We are seeking community members who:

  • live in or own a business in the community surrounding either of the M4 East ventilation facilities
  • are willing to contribute constructively
  • are active in the community, with strong community networks
  • have a sound understanding and awareness of the project and related environmental matters; and
  • are willing to adhere to the Committee’s code of conduct.

How can I apply?
Visit the WestConnex website to download the registration form.

Send the completed form along with proof of residence, such as a rates notice, to either:

All registrations must be received by Friday, 14 April 2017.

To find out more about this initiative and the registration process, please phone toll free on 1800 660 248 or visit