Community Grants Program

Strathfield Council is committed to supporting and empowering our local community to delivery programs and activities that meet the needs of residents. Council's Community Strategic Plan, Strathfield 2030, strives for community well-being, connectivity, the development of liveable neighbourhoods, prosperity and opportunity.

Council's Community Grants Program provides funding annually for local not-for-profit community groups for development of services and facilities which meet and enhance identified community, recreational, sporting, environmental and cultural needs and objectives of the Strathfield Local Government Area. 

Grants of up to $1,500.00 are available to not-for-profit groups and organisations that are either based in and/or service the Strathfield Local Government Area.  Proposed projects must be directed primarily towards servicing the Strathfield Local Government Area and its local community.

The award of a grant will be based solely on the information and supporting documents provided in your application.

Community Grants open for application on 1st June annually. 

Read the guidelines here.


Community Event Grants

Strathfield Council values and recognises the role of community based not-for-profit groups and organisations within the Strathfield Local Government Area (LGA). The Community Events Program Policy has been developed to support the strategic theme of 'Prosperity and Opportunities' of Council’s Community Strategic Plan, Strathfield 2030, and meets Council’s Delivery Program objective of “involve business and community stakeholders in events promotions”. The Community Events Grants Policy provides a framework for granting financial and in-kind assistance to community based not-for-profit groups and organisations to organise events of community benefit, and to ensure that Council assistance is allocated in an effective, equitable and transparent manner.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To encourage community based organisations to develop and run an event which enhances community activities in the Strathfield Local Government Area, and preference be given to an event that involve local residents in the planning and delivery of the event.
  • To promote the active participation of local residents in community initiatives, and the development of their capacity, skills, knowledge and opportunities.
  • To provide assistance to the community to develop initiatives and services, which are consistent with Council objectives and programs, but not directly operated by Council.

A single grant, which will include all contributions made by Council, either in cash or kind, will be capped at $6,000 and must meet the guidelines contained on the application form.

Community Events Grants open for application on 1st June annually. 

Read the guidelines here.


For further information contact Strathfield Council Customer Service on 9748 9999 or via email