The 2017 Strathfield Youth Achievement Awards

The Strathfield Youth Achievement Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of young people who go to school, live, work or train in the Strathfield Local Government Area. Running for almost 10 years, the Awards are organised by Strathfield Council and the Rotary Club of Strathfield.

The categories for this year’s awards include:

  • Arts and Culture award
  • Science and Technology award
  • Sports award (includes individual and team sports)
  • Environment/Community Service award
  • President's award (work deserving recognition or encouragement in other fields)

The Awards were presented on Wednesday 24 May 2017 at the Strathfield Golf Club. The awardees are:


Science and Technology Award
Claire Zhao
Katrina Chung Yan Leung
Kate Carey
Lily Yang


Arts and Culture Award
Bella Merlino 


Environment Award
Gabrielle Younes


Individual Sports Award
Sabah Chamoun
Jack Littlechild
Abbey Freeman
Inde Halligan
Mohna Mahadevan


Team Sports Award
Meriden School Tennis Team (Gold))
St. Patrick’s College First XI (Silver)
Santa Sabina College Volleyball Team (Bronze)


Community Service Award
Shivanee Gopal
Aryan Sharma
Shahi Uddin
Kynon Duff
Ivy Shi
Martin Hossain


Rotary President's Award
Yunus Isik for Community Service