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As part of National Child Protection Week, Council is joining forces with Bravehearts to support White Balloon Day on Friday 7 September.

White Balloon Day is organised by Bravehearts, Australia’s national charity dedicated to educating, empowering and protecting children and adult survivors of child sexual assault. 

Join us in making Australia safer for kids by supporting White Balloon Day on Friday 7 September and National Child Protection Week. Donate or get involved today!

Visit http://bravehearts.org.au for more information.

If you are a parent, here are some tips on teaching kids about personal safety:

  • Talk to your kids
  • Be aware
  • Empower your kids with personal safety skills and knowledge
  • Get involved in your children’s activities
  • Teach children their personal rights
  • Notice changes in behaviour
  • Practice safety skills
  • Cyber-safety is important

Click here to download a free copy of the full Bravehearts’ Personal Safety Parents’ Guide.